HelpMe Mobile App

There is a need to meet growing demands of a growing population of motivated college students who are short on time and seeking a helping hand. College students also face the hurdle of constantly being on the move in a fast paced environment. This app provides the unique ability for college students to save time, help other students on campus, and make money while doing it. 

After conducting a study of the target users, we found that a majority of students are very interested in making the most of their time. We also found that the usefulness of an app is a very important trait. 




Creating a simple, but effective interface that displayed a lot of information was a challenge. Users are able to personalize their task by posting in their own words. 



The vibrant orange color is meant to inspire movement and enthusiasm with the use of the app.



We used the letter ‘H’ and a directional arrow to create a logo that represented progress, movement, and going forward.