First Place Winner for Adobe Creative Jam
AIGA Los Angeles Article

Teammates: Victor Lara, Jerry Leong, Baykomious Elmagarisy

My Role: User Interface Designer

Open Home Mobile App

Immigrants from all over the world are a growing population in the United States. Amongst these immigrants are people that may not have planned housing when coming to the US. Open home is an app designed with immigrants in mind to find housing at the convenience of a mobile app. The app aims to assist users who are opportunity-seekers, tech-savy, and need housing in the United States.  

After conducting a study of the target audience, we found immigrants are looking for choices in housing that best fits their lifestyle. Users are influenced by what ethnicities are prevalent in communities, price, and location. We created an app that had a straight-forward, minimal interface that was easy to navigate.    


For the competition, the userflow was created to be easy and accessible. The goal of Open Home was to make it a helpful app, which is why the user has an option to use the app without an account up until they decide to contact these homes. Although the app’s main purpose is to connect users to potential housing, the app offers users access to legal info that they may find essential in their housing search.






Icons and images were important in accessibility for users from all backgrounds and languages. The icons are simple but identifiable and accessible across all languages. We also decided that rounded corners fit the intention of the app: to make a stressful process into a friendly, positive experience.





Through our research, we found that the onboarding portion of the app was important to establish an understanding between the user and app.


Adobe Creative Jam was an incredible experience to create design an app that could potentially be a tool for people to use. If this app were to be created, Open Home would be backed by organizations that specialize in helping immigrants connect to housing in the United States. This would be the best way to verify housing that is available.