Wavy Coffee Co.

Wavy Coffee Co. is a coffee company with a goal to bring sustainability as a lifestyle into the coffee scene. The name is inspired by the waves seen when brewing a cup of coffee, to frothing milk for a latte, to watching the coffee ripple in the cup as you set it down on the table. The name is also a nod to the specialty coffee scene: ‘third wave’ coffee. 


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The culture of third wave coffee begins with the coffee bean and its long journey to become coffee. The processes that go into third wave coffee are meticulous, which is what makes the coffee a specialty. It is because of this craft that coffee brands have subtly doubled as lifestyle brands.







The logo went through several stages to visually depict the direct connection between the word “wavy” and the product: coffee.


The packaging is simple and straight-forward. However, the most important part of the packaging is how it is put together. The coffee process is powered by human effort, and the packaging reflects this process by having people place labels on the package. Because it is done by hand, it may not be perfect every time. But just like the coffee process, it strives for perfection.